What to look forward to on AND_NOW?

In episode 12, the AND_NOW? team talks with Anna Couey about the beginning of Arts Wire, and many of the choices that the team made. Be sure to check it out on Friday. 

Be sure to check out the Extras page for more information about the Podcasts, and visuals that were mentioned in each episode! 

Arts Wire was created by Anne Focke in 1989 as a way to keep artists and arts organizations connected through the latest technology: online. The early 1990s saw culture and censorship wars, AIDS and gay rights activism, and the development of computer technologies, all of which needed to be “figured out” on Arts Wire. We are now asking, AND_NOW?

With a group of interns going back through the files, we’ve decided that a podcast was the best way to delve in to the information that the Arts Wire community was asking in the 1990s, and revisit how these issues are still affecting us today. Please visit us every Friday and listen in to what we’re discovering along the way. We’ll also keep our website up to date with any events and image discoveries.